M&A Tax

We have a consolidated and recognised experience in tax advice related to extraordinary transactions and assist:

• corporate clients and groups, both Italian and foreign, operating in industrial, banking, financial and insurance sectors;
• institutional players, investment fund managers and private equity investors, both Italians and foreigners; 
• small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups;

for all tax issues, both of national or cross-border nature, related to all phases of acquisitions of companies or businesses with strategic or industrial purposes, investment and divestment transactions carried out by investors and institutional operators, capital market transactions as well as reorganisations and extraordinary finance transactions. 

Our experience in the actual application of tax matters and our experience in dealing with the tax authorities as well as our knowledge of the tax peculiarities that characterise extraordinary transactions in the various business sectors allow us to best assist our clients.


does not aim to do everything,
but to excel in what it does.