Private clients and family office services

Assisting Private Clients requires in-depth legal and tax expertise, a multidisciplinary approach, an understanding of the Client's own, family and business needs, experience and knowledge of the instruments made available by the legal system in relation to each need. It also requires full knowledge of the entities that provide services to Private Clients, such as banks, financial intermediaries, insurance companies, family offices, trustees and trust companies, as well as the services and products offered by them to Private Clients.

Fivers is a legal and tax firm, which approaches assistance to Private Clients with teams characterized by multidisciplinary skills, with high expertise and experience in assisting on governance and tax issues of assets, businesses and family relationships, liquidity events and generational transitions. It has experience in assisting Private Clients, gained in the field in managing even highly complex and relevant situations. Due to its focus on banking, finance and insurance, Fivers benefits from an in-depth knowledge of the products and services offered by operators in these industries to Private Clients and their legal and tax characteristics. Thanks to its M&A expertise, it is able to assist its Clients in the research and management of legal and tax aspects related to the compleiton of liquidity events. Thanks to its strong focus and experience in litigation, gained also in providing legal assistance in the area of generational transitions, it is also able to assist its Clients in the prevention and management of litigation. Our international network of leading law and tax firms also enables us to handle matters requiring legal and tax expertise in other jurisdictions. It is the combination of all these factors that enables us to make a difference in assisting Private Clients.


does not aim to do everything,
but to excel in what it does.