Corporate Advice and M&A

We have solid and acknowledged experience in corporate advice and in providing legal and tax assistance to our clients in both their ordinary activities as well as extraordinary transactions. 

We assist:
domestic and foreign players of the corporate world;
major companies, both listed and non-listed;
small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);
family offices. 

We take pride in our strong know-how in the legal assistance to investment fund managers and other entities of the banking, financial, and insurance sectors.

Thanks to a firmly rooted network of international partners, we are able to offer our clients highly specialized legal and tax assistance and a multidisciplinary approach, including in the context of cross-border transactions. We also broaden the scope of our activities beyond the Firm’s core areas .

M&A Advice

We provide M&A advice, assisting our clients in all stages of merger and acquisition transactions. The Firm’s solid experience in litigation allows us to identify and anticipate possible sensitive issues and potential risks connected with a transaction, so that we can design the most protective structures and draft agreements possible for the client.


does not aim to do everything,
but to excel in what it does.