Intellectual Property Advice

We have gained significant experience in providing legal assistance related to the development, acquisition, protection, and use of rights over intangible assets (trademarks, "domain" names and other distinctive signs, patents, designs, models, know-how, protected names, trade secrets and inventions). 

Our advice in matters of intellectual property includes the phases of:
setting of IP protection strategies;
administration aimed at filing domestic and international applications for protection and/or issuance of industrial property rights;
representation in potential administrative litigation;
subsequent monitoring of the client's overall IP asset portfolio, against potential counterfeit conducts.

We have specific expertise in the protection of Intellectual Property on electronic networks and platforms, within digital markets and technological scenarios. We provide specialized legal assistance for copyright protection - among others - with respect to the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Industrial Property and Copyright

In the areas of IP, Industrial Property and Copyright, our activities include:

drafting and negotiation of transfer agreements;
advertising and technology transfer, in light of specific industry regulations.


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