Corporate taxation

Our knowledge of tax matters applied to recurring and non-recurring aspects, combined with our experience in dealing with the tax administration in any pre-litigation and litigation proceedings, allows us to assist clients by ensuring the highest level of theoretical detail and in-depth study of the matter but always proposing a complete and pragmatic view for the proper evaluation of choices also in the light of their subsequent evolution. 

We assist:
• major companies and corporate groups operating in industrial, banking, financial and insurance sectors, both Italians and foreigners;
• Italian and foreign institutional players and private equity investors; 
• small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);
• start-ups; 
• family offices.

We also assist private clients with respect to tax issues related to wealth management, including real estate assets, corporate and family relationships, liquidity events and generational transitions.

We constantly assist our clients in dealing with the tax authorities, in relation to ruling procedures, access to favourable tax regimes, international mutual agreement procedures and cooperative compliance regimes, as well as in the event of tax audits, access or inspections as well as in tax litigation.


does not aim to do everything,
but to excel in what it does.