Litigation and arbitration

We are recognized leaders in Italy in the dispute resolution field. 

We hold well-established and solid experience and a robust level of specialization that equip us to adeptly handle domestic and international litigation and arbitration, also thanks to our continuous collaboration with our network of international partners. 

Our approach is to assist clients across all phases of a dispute, from pre-litigation through the litigation process, with an assessment of cost, time, and risk scenarios of the dispute, and the best strategy for both preventing and managing litigation with utmost precision and thoroughness. 


We intend to provide effective solutions to legal disputes. To this end, we customize our activities to match the distinct needs of our  clients, whether they are major industrial and financial companies and groups, SMEs or natural persons. 

Throughout our history, we have been actively involved in numerous litigation proceedings that have set influential case law precedents.


We assist companies and groups, SMEs and natural persons, Italian and foreign, in all stages and instances of arbitration proceedings. We provide assistance in judgments before judicial authorities aimed at obtaining the recognition in Italy of foreign arbitration awards.
Thanks to our expertise in all areas of contract law, our specialized team is able to deal with the most complex and delicate arbitration disputes. 


does not aim to do everything,
but to excel in what it does.