Advice on administrative law

We take pride in our recognized experience in the main areas of administrative law. We provide assistance in proceedings before Supervisory and Regulatory Authorities, especially in the financial markets and insurance sectors.

We provide specialized advice in administrative law also in the areas of:
public procurement of services and supplies (including in the health and pharmaceutical sectors);
concessions and project financing;
real estate and construction;
energy law and environmental matters, including authorization and reclamation procedures. 

In addition to the assistance provided in non-litigation matters, we also represent clients in proceedings before all competent national courts (Regional Administrative Tribunals, Council of State, Public Water Tribunals, Court of Auditors) and, in collaboration with the Firm's other professionals, also before civil and EU courts of all orders and levels.   

In addition to private clients, we assist public entities, local authorities and state-owned companies, in extrajudicial and judicial matters, in compliance with public law on the assignment of fiduciary mandates.

The Firm’s professionals with solid expertise in administrative law cooperate on an on-going basis with all the other teams of the Firm, working alongside clients in multidisciplinary matters, in accordance with the integrated skills approach that characterizes our way of working.


does not aim to do everything,
but to excel in what it does.