Funds and asset management

The funds' investment areas are varied: public equity and debt, private equity and debt, venture capital, real estate, and loans. Fivers and its professionals, who have been active in the asset management industry for more than 25 years, provide their clients with legal and tax assistance in all these areas.

Fivers's client base includes leading asset managers belonging to large financial groups, as well as entrepreneurs, both Italian and international. Working alongside many clients with different characteristics and being involved in the study and implementation of their projects, has allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge of the asset management industry, the needs of managers and their stakeholders. It has allowed us to be front-runners in identifying solutions following regulatory changes and innovations. It has allowed us to be the first in Italy to work on projects for alternative investment funds and to manage their complexities.

We routinely work on cross-border projects, interacting with leading law and tax firms in every jurisdiction relevant to the fund industry. This is how we have developed networks of firms with which we routinely work, which we know in depth, and this allows us to assist our clients internationally on their projects and issues. 

Passion for the asset management industry, its knowledge, focus on industry regulations, and a structured, multidisciplinary team are our strengths.


does not aim to do everything,
but to excel in what it does.