We ascribe to governance a central role in the relationships among colleagues, as a tool to ensure fairness and integrity, high quality standards, combined with fair treatment and a fair appreciation of all the professionals who are part of the firm to its stakeholders.

Our governance bodies are:

- the Partners' Meeting;

- The Management Committee, appointed by the Partners' Meeting, responsible for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Firm;

- the Profit and Remuneration Committee, appointed by the Partners' Meeting, which supports the Management Committee in the process of distributing profits among the partners, monitoring the related process to protect all partners;

- the Audit Committee, appointed by the Partners' Meeting, which audits the Firm's budget and the budget prepared annually by the Management Committee and submitted by it to the Partners' Meeting for approval.

In addition, governance includes multiple operational committees that provide support to the Management Committee in its work:

- the ESG Committee, which assists the Management Committee in adopting and maintaining an approach faithful to ESG values, assessing key factors on which to focus and actions to be taken;

- the Good Place to Work Committee, which is dedicated to protecting and improving the quality of the work environment, collecting the demands of professionals and proposing, also in coordination with the ESG Committee, interventions in line with the social principles espoused by Fivers;

- the Communications Committee, which supports the Management Committee in communication activities and monitoring of events relevant to the Firm and in ensuring effective communication with external stakeholders;

- the Technology Innovation Committee, which supports the Management Committee in monitoring the evolution of technology, identifying tools that can make the Firm's activities more efficient, and adopting policies and rules for the use of new technologies by professionals that allow them to combine the value and quality expressed by the human factor with the benefits and operational efficiencies brought by new technologies.

All operating committees are appointed by the Management Committee and have a diverse composition in terms of gender, seniority, and relevant practice areas, reflecting our dedication to diversity and inclusion.

In order to ensure transparent and fair conduct towards the Firm's clients and professionals, management of conflicts of interest, compliance with relevant regulations and efficient operations, the Firm has policies and procedures as well as a Code of Ethics and a Management and Control Model. In order to ensure their knowledge and promote compliance by all professionals and employees, Fivers' policies and procedures as well as the Code of Ethics and the Management and Control Model as well as their updates are published on the Firm's intranet.

Fivers has been certified as an FSQS qualified supplier.