We are Fivers. And we believe that sustainability can only be realized through concrete initiatives and actions that promote environmental responsibility.

We carefully select the materials we purchase, as well as our service providers whose activities may significantly affect the environment. We join initiatives of international bodies committed to reducing or offsetting the negative effects of pollution.
We share our commitment with the employees or professionals of the Law and Tax Firm, clients and partners, inviting them to join us in creating a positive impact on the planet.
The forest created with Treedom represents our investment in sustainable growth, which requires time and trust, because the time required to create an agroforestry system is much longer than what local farmers could, on their own, cope with. Time and trust are what we also want to ensure for our customers, collaborators and stakeholders.

Foresta Fivers +

A2A supports the production of electricity from renewable sources, bearing witness to its commitment to the environment.