Salvatore Maccarone

Of counsel

Of Counsel

Salvatore Maccarone was born in Roma the 20th of June 1942 where he lives and practices as founder and senior partner of the law firm “Maccarone & Associati”.

He graduated cum laude in 1964 at the law school of the Rome University and started in the same year his career as lecturer of Commercial Law. He has taught commercial and banking law at the Siena University and since 1986 teaches Banking and Financial Market Law at the "La Sapienza" University of Roma.

As from 1965 he is legal advisor of the Italian Bankers Association and consultant to many other credit and financial institutions, including the National Association of Popular Banks, the National Association of Rural Cooperative Banks and the Bank of Italy. He has served, upon appointment by the Governor of the Bank of Italy, as special administrator and member of the oversight committee in several special administration proceedings of banks and financial institutions and has frequently advised the Central Bank of Italy on legal matters.

He is currently Chairman of the board of the FITD (the Italian Interbank Depositors Protection Fund) and former Chairman of the Board of Intesa Sanpaolo Vita s.p.a., Chairman of the board of Banca Fideuram and former Chairman of Fideuram Bank (Suisse) S.A. and Fideuram Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. and of the board of Banca Italease spa. 

As from June 2009 to April 2012, has been member of the board of the Italian Bankers Association.

Member of the Legal Committee of the European Banking Federation of the European Union for 20 years, has served as chairman of the same and has chaired working groups set up within the Banking Federation on international payments and consumer protection. He is charged by the Associazione Bancaria Italiana of the drafting of the Legal Opinion for Italy on the European Master Agreement for Financial Transactions and represents the Italian banking system in the working groups set up by the European Commission for the adoption of Legal Common Terms of Reference.

He is Chairman of the Banking Commission of  the Italian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce and in such capacity heads the Italian delegation at the International Chamber of Commerce meetings.

Former Vice Chairman of the Banking Technique and Practice Commission of the I.C.C. for 15 years, he has been an active member of many Working Group within the ICC in particular WG for the drafting of Uniform Rules on Demand Guarantees, the restricted WG entrusted of the drafting of UCP 500 and later of the UCP 600 that have come into force in July 2007. He has also represented ICC for many years in the meetings of the United Nation Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) on international negotiable instruments, electronic fund transfers and first demand guarantees. He has acted as arbitrator and chairman in several international arbitration proceedings under the International Chamber of Commerce arbitration rules and in Italy under the Associazione Italiana Arbitrato rules.

He has attended as speaker or chairman many law conferences in Italy and abroad – including several sponsored by the ICC, in Paris, Cyprus, Budapest and other venues - and written many articles in leading law reviews and magazines and many books on commercial and banking law.

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